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Patient Testimonials

Below you can read a few real testimonials from chiropractic and rehabilitation patients of Dr. Peter W. Mulyk:

I have been under Dr Mulyk's care for 8 years.He indeed has changed my life! At 27yrs of age I had lost most of my hearing to a medical overdose of antibiotics (ototoxic reaction) after a post surgical infection.
Both my hearing and tinnitus have improved much to my specialist's and audiologist's disbelief. Dr Mulyk's nutritional and weight loss program have normalized my cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight. Neck and low back pain are gone. Psychiatrically diagnosed depression and anxiety are no longer a part of my life. Wellness care is presently my life long commitment. Thank you God for Dr Mulyk. M.N.

I was scheduled for neck surgery for a herniated disc. Chiropractic saved me! It has been 4 yrs. Dr Mulyk, your the best! K.R.

My 6 yr old son was diagnosed with a heart murmur. The cardiologist was dumbfounded on the follow-up visit when it was undetectable. Dr Mulyk's approach did wonders! Your greatful patients. R.R. & J.R.

Knee surgery was not for me. Dr Mulyk's gifted hands and rehabilitative protocol gave me a second chance. With gratitude! L.D.

I am a 72 yr old petite French lady and lost my sense of smell for 8 months, after a terrible flu. One treatment brought it back! You are amazing Dr Mulyk! M.G.

Lower back lumbar disc herniation surgery was scheduled. Several days later I cancelled. My sincere thanks to Dr Mulyk! G.H.

Low back pain brought me in to see Dr Mulyk. After 2 weeks of care my lower back was better but amazingly my restless leg syndrome disappeared. My cervical (neck) lordosis (curve) was restored after 10 months of treatments. Regular chiropractic adjustments are part of my health regime. Great work, Dr Mulyk! C.H.